Hand Crafted Four-Tier Keyboard Stands

Our hand-built keyboard and synthesizer stands are designed for the recording studio or for live use. Our stands are built with raw steel that's cut, welded and hand polished to form a unique, sleek and minimalistic design. We then send them for an industrial powder coating process to ensure rust protection giving them a sleek matte black finish.

Frequently Asked Questions


Overall Height 58’’ (bottom to top)
Overall Width 24’’ (left to right)
Overall Depth 14 ¾” (back to front)

First Tier Height 26’’
First Tier Depth 14”

Second Tier Height 35 ¼’’
Second Tier Depth 12”

Third Tier Height 44 ½’’ High
Third Tier Depth 10” deep

Fourth Tier Height 53 ¾”
Fourth Tier Depth 8” deep

Gap Between Tiers is 8.5’’