From Our Studio to Yours

Callus & Co., Inc was founded by Craig Stickland and Eric Ruscinski. We're two Canadian musicians and best friends who toured the world together for years. When we moved to Los Angeles to write and record music, we signed a lease on a house in Studio City with plans to design and build our own dream studio.

When it came to studio furniture, we couldnʼt find anything that fit our vision on the market. We wanted smart and efficient products but with a design that would look great in our home. We began to conceptualize our own pieces, and the journey began.

While spending countless hours in a small garage in the backyard bringing our visions to life, a close friend and producer asked us if we could design a keyboard stand. This inspired our most unique flagship piece, and Callus & Co. was born.

We set out to deliver the highest quality studio furniture, with the workflow of musicians in mind, and a design that would add to any room.

As word spread throughout the music community in Los Angeles, we found ourselves designing and building new pieces every day for some incredible home studios and some of the most popular local recording studios.

In 2019, we expanded into our first commercial space and began facilitating orders and shipping our products nationwide. In 2020, we formed Callus & Co., Inc and officially launched the company.

Weʼre constantly working toward our goals of offering one-of-a-kind studio furniture on an international level, while continuously expanding our product line and helping as many musicians as possible design their dream studio spaces.

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